Spring Update

Here is the news: 
The new Firehorse record "Pills from Strangers" is coming out June 25th. It has already received kind words from NPR's All Songs Considered and others. 
Check it out and share Pills with friends.

Victoria Vox:
Victoria Vox is currently out on tour supporting her latest release "Key" and is looking for support from her fans to give it an extra push via PR and Radio. This is not your typical uke record and a really great listen. 

New Project:
I have recently been working in Brooklyn on a record at the fantastic Studio G 5000 with my friend Francisco Botero engineering.  I am withholding the name of the band because we are creating something very different than they have previously released. It is classic sounding, has great guitar solos, spinning analog synths and is probably the newest greatest party and shred album that has not yet been released. We finish up tracking soon and then I will mix here in Seattle at Well Recording.

New Gear:
The fine gents (Dan and Blue) at Audio Power Tools hooked me up with some lovely pieces to feed my recent obsession with 500 series modules. They include The Retro "Doublewide" compressor, 2 Kush Audio Electra EQ's, a Little Labs VOG and a Moog Ladder Filter. We used all of it on recent sessions and it sounds like joy.